The Second Deadly Sin by by Åsa Larsson

second deadly sin

The Second Deadly Sin by by Åsa Larsson
Translated by Laurie Thompson
MacLehose Press, August, 2014
Rebecka Martinsson book 5

Disclosure: I received a review copy from the publisher.

I’m a big Åsa Larsson fan: the first two books in the series are some of my favorites. Rebecka is not a typical heroine, her cases are tough on her, and the setting in extreme northern Sweden is different and vivid.

This particular outing in the series is not as great as the others. I’ve read. Martinsson takes a back seat in the investigation of the murder of a middle-aged waitress who was brutally murdered. There is also a parallel story to the murdered woman’s grandmother, Elina who moves to Kiruna to take a position as a school teacher in the booming mine town at the start of the First World War.

Rebecka’s sexist boss is not my favorite type of character (and he feels a bit undeveloped to me), and the actual mystery wasn’t as strong as I’d like, but the contemporary storyline of Rebecka as well as the details about life in a company town before World War I were the strongest parts of the novel.

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13 thoughts on “The Second Deadly Sin by by Åsa Larsson

  1. Thanks, Rebecca, for your candor and your thoughtful post. I’m a big Larsson fan too, and I’m looking forward to reading this. Even if it’s not quite as good as the others were, in my opinion, Larsson’s weakest is better than a lot of other peoples’ best…

    • Hope you enjoy it, Cleo! The US title is Sun Storm, which is a bit more descriptive than the UK title. It’s a fabulous start to the series.

  2. Asa Larsson is among my favorite writers. I love the Rebecka character, but I worry about the awful travails she went through in the first few books. It’s amazing, and to the credit of Sweden’s health care system, that she survived!
    My favorite though is “Until Thy Wrath Be Past,” which goes back to WWII. I disdain any books that contain any supernatural elements — except this one! Larsson did this so expertly and painlessly that I could not put the book down and raced through it, although it required thinking. A good writer she is.

    • I can’t wait to get to Until Thy Wrath Be Past, Kathy. I’ve only had a spare weekend away here and there this summer so my TBR stack is still pretty large. I’m not wishing for another cold, long winter to help me catch up on my reading though!

  3. WW2 story was weak and I did find the contemporary mystery more engaging. We agree on this one, Rebecca. Hopefully her next book will be better.

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