Latin American Crime Fiction Reading List

Here’s my list of potential reads from South and Central America for the 2013 Global Reading Challenge. I’ve compiled these from several websites, particularly Teaching College- Level Spanish and several library lists of international fiction.

I’ve included links to my reviews below as well.


  1. Claudia Piñeiro: Thursday Night Widows
  2. Guillermo Martínez: The Oxford Murders, The Book of Murder
  3. Ricardo Piglia: Money to Burn (Plata Quemada)- very dark, based on a true story about a bank heist.
  4. Juan José Saer: The Witness; The Investigation
  5. Mempo Giardinelli: Tenth Circle, Sultry Moon
  6. Juan Martini: El cerco, Puerto Apache– not translated
  7. José Pablo Feinmann: Últimos días de la víctima- not translated
  8. Juan Sasturain: not translated
  9. Ernesto Mallo: Needle in a Haystack, Sweet Money
  10. Guillermo Orsi: No One Loves a Policeman, Holy City
  11. Carlos Gamerro: El secreto y las voces
  12. Matías Néspolo: Seven Ways to Kill a Cat
  13. Eduardo Sacheri: The Secret in Their Eyes
  14. Tomás Eloy Martínez: Purgatory
  15. Elsa Osorio: My Name Is Light


  1. Paco Ignacio Taibo II:  An Easy Thing; No Happy Ending; Shadow of Shadow– historical novel, takes place in Mexico City after the Mexican Revolution
  2. Rolo Diez: Luna de Escarlata, Papel picado
  3. Juan Hernández Luna:  Las mentiras de la luz; Quiza otros labios; Tabaco para el puma
  4. Martin Solares


  1. Leonardo Padura- Havana Blue– I wasn’t a fan of the gender problems in this first outing in the Havana Quartet (Las cuatro estaciones).
  2. Mayra Montero: Dancing to Almendra
  3. José Latour: Hidden in Havana


  1. Santiago Gamboa: Necropolis


  1. Rubem Fonseca
  2. Patricia Melo
  3. Luiz Alfredo Garcia-Roza- The Silence of the Rain (first book in Inspector Espinosa series)
  4. Leighton Gage


  1. Ramón Díaz Eterovic
  2. Roberto Ampuero: The Neruda Case (Cayetano Brulé series)


  1. Mark Brazaitas: Steal My Heart


  1. Juan de Recacoechea: American Visa


  1. Alonso Cueto: Blue Hour
  2. Santiago Roncagliolo: Red April