Midyear Update (with charts)

It’s summertime, my reading is slowing down because of the nice weather and general business, but I do have time to create a few Excel charts to summarize my reviews for the year so far. When I have more time, I’ll write a more qualitative post about books I’ve really enjoyed, my favorite new-to-me authors, etc. On to the charts:

1. I’ve reviewed an equal number of books by males and females. I wasn’t aware that the numbers were even, but I’m happy they are.

2. I’ve read lots of books published since 1990 but none from the 1980s or before 1961.  I’ve picked up some older books to review in the second half of the year: Simenon, Christie, Tey among others.

3. Over half of the books I’ve read are translations.

4. I’ve read books from 7 non-English-speaking countries. I’ll keep trying to add to this list.