Checking In

Hello, everyone. Hope everyone is well and staying safe, and I hope that just maybe reading is working as a solace for you. I’ve been pretty distracted– I can focus for about 30 minutes max on what I’m reading– but I hope I can read and blog more in the coming days.

Here’s a selection of the books I’m juggling at the moment:

A Matter of Motive by Margot Kinberg

Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell

Clean Breaks by Ruby Lang

I’d be happy to hear what you’re reading.

4 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. It is good to hear from you, Rebecca. My family and I are fine, just staying at home. I am retired now, my husband is working at home. I know what you mean about distraction. I have been reading a good bit, but not getting a lot else done. And not sleeping well.

    Right now I am reading The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny (5th book in the series). Recently finished Boundary Waters by Willian Kent Krueger (2nd book in the series).

    I only recently heard about Margot’s new book, I now have a copy to read.

  2. Hi Tracy: sorry it’s taken me to get back and respond for a month. I feel like I make even more checklists now than I did before all this, and even though I double check them, something always falls through the cracks. Hope you two are doing well and that you’re getting more sleep, and happy reading.

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