So when I stopped blogging a few months ago I started contemplating starting a booktube channel, and I think I’ll go for it soon. But first, just to get back into the blogging/book-talking in general, I’m writing this to catch up on what I’ve been reading and loving over the past few months.

  1. The Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne series by Julia Spencer-Fleming is quite good: I wasn’t expecting as much action as there is in the first 5 books of this series. The books have mystery, romance, and no unreliable narrators!
  2. Sherman Alexie’s memoir about his mother is harrowing and wonderful, and I can see why he needed to take a break from his book tour because it was traumatizing.
  3. I’ve tried a couple giant nonfiction books lately, the first LBJ book by Robert Caro and Reformations by Carlos Eire about a couple hundred years of history, and I’ve read about half of each. It’s good to read stuff I don’t normally read and realize how much I don’t know about Texas in the early 20th century or Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries.

I’d love to hear your reading recommendations because I’ve nearly caught up on the Spencer-Fleming series.

7 thoughts on “Update

  1. Good to hear you are coming back, in whatever format. I’ve been toying around with the idea of videos too – although I am not sure if it saves time (which would be my reason for doing it).

  2. Lovely to see you, Rebecca. IF you do a booktube thing, I’ll be eager to see it. And it’s good to hear you’ve had the time to catch up on some reading, too. 🙂

  3. I loved Trevor Noah’s memoir, “Born a Crime,” and so did two friends who read it. It is his story and the story of his incredible mother who was always at leat a step ahead of him. It tells about apartheid but the story is about him at varying ages.
    He was smart and fast, but his mother could outrun, then later, outwit him, even to the end of the book. It is dedicated to her and a reader can see why.

    On crime fiction, Jane Harper’s The Dry is good. So are Susie Steiner’s two books about Manon Bradshaw. Very good character development.

    Eva Dolan’s crime fiction series is very good. And so are Kati Heikkapelto’s books.

    If you are a dog-lover, David Rosenfelt’s book, “Dogtripping,” about his and his spouse’s rescue of dogs and their trip across country with 25 of them, volunteers and 3 RV’s is very heartfelt, funny, but very pro-dog. And I enjoyed his latest reluctant defense attorney book, “Collared.” I needed relaxing reads and humor, and I got them.

    Hope you find some good reading.

  4. Another idea: “Bluebird, Bluebird,” by Attica Locke, fantastic writing. Mystery set in East Texas. Great sense of place and characters.

    • Thanks for all the recommendations, Kathy. I have a copy of The Dry & some Attica Locke I haven’t tried out yet– sometimes stuff gets buried on my Kindle, you know. Hope you’re doing well.

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