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My Version of Armchair BEA


I follow Book Expo from afar, not in any organized Armchair BEA group, but by following Twitter when I get a chance during the work week. I like reading live-tweets from interesting sounding sessions at BEA and lots of crime fiction fests. I like adding books to my list to investigate. But I don’t miss the crowds and the scrum of people scrambling for galleys. I like browsing for books, either in an actual bookstore or library or by reading blogs/social media/ whatever else strikes my fancy online: I don’t like books because I put a lot of effort into acquiring them. And how many of the people hustling for galleys actually really adore the book they scrambled to get? I’m sure some do, but the exertion seems a bit much. I’d love to see more posts in book blogs about what super-publicized books actually stuck with readers. I suspect it’s only a handful a year, if that. I’m advocating more reading, less time scrambling for books.


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