Monthly Update

I’ve been reading lots and blogging less in the last month: I’ve been sucked into election coverage instead of sitting down to write. To balance out the talking heads on TV and the think-pieces online, I’ve been diving into a lot Julie James books, which I heard about on some old episode of Pop Culture Happy Hour. She writes contemporary romances with lots of banter and smart heroines, and I think I’ve read 4 in the last month.  I also finished Emma Straub’s Modern Lovers after seeing Elena’s glowing review. It reminded me too of Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings, and I ended up liking the Wolitzer more than the Straub because I felt more involved with the characters in the Wolitzer. Modern Lovers‘s plot veered into the absurd for me a little too much when one character gets sucked into a sort of yoga commune/cult in Brooklyn, a plot that I thought was much funnier in Nick Hornby’s How to Be Good. Finally, I’m well into reading aloud the first Harry Potter, which is great fun. I came to the books as an adult and liked them, but reading them to a 7 year old who’s a super-fan immediately is even better.

Crime-novel wise, I’m looking for something as good as the best Harry Hole books, and so far I’m coming up short. Deon Meyer maybe fits the bill. Any thriller suggestions would be welcome. Happy reading to you.

3 thoughts on “Monthly Update

  1. Thanks for the update, Rebecca. I’m glad you’ve been able to do a lot of reading, and I hope you’ll post some reviews when you get the chance.

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