No Echo by Anne Holt

No echoI was disappointed with this entry in the Hanne Wilhelmsen series. The investigation was too bogged down, and the police procedural elements were so thorough or in such long chapters as compared to the brisk short chapters in the rest of the book that the book didn’t flow for me.

No Echo deals with the murder of a celebrity chef, Brede Ziegler. He remains a cipher through much of the book (he’s the man with “no echo”), and I never felt really intrigued by him, which I was the main reason I was lukewarm about the book. This book also featured Billy T. taking the lead for Hanne Wilhelmsen, who was on leave of absence for several months as the book begins, and while I appreciate the plot point of Billy T floundering without his mentor and best friend Wilhelmsen, Holt laid it on pretty thick in this story. I don’t like being overwhelmed with the details of a police investigation when the investigation flounders for such a long time.

What else? A couple characters felt like caricatures to me, and the plot seemed to depend on clues dropped in mysteriously from above instead of being uncovered organically.  The last book was so good that any follow up would pale in comparison, but this one just didn’t do it for me.

No Echo by Anne Holt and Berit Reiss-Andersen, translated by Anne Bruce

Originally published as Uten ekko (2000)

Hanne Wilhelmsen book 6

Disclosure: I received a review copy from the publisher.


7 thoughts on “No Echo by Anne Holt

  1. Sorry to hear that this one disappointed you, Rebecca. I like this series a lot, ‘though I admit I haven’t read this. I know what you mean about getting bogged down in details, though. Hmmm…not sure what I’ll do about this one…

  2. I loved Holt’s 1222, and read two further Holts on the strength of it, neither of which I much enjoyed — even though, other things aside, I like the character of Hanne Wilhelmsen. This sounds, to be honest, like more of the same: too much flab getting in the way of the story.

    • Have you tried the other series (Vik and Stubo)?

      No, and to be honest almost certainly won’t. With advancing years I’ve become more ruthless about how many chances I’ll give authors.

  3. Sorry you did not like this one. I have read one of each series and enjoyed them both, but liked the Vik and Stubo most. Will be continuing although whether I ever make it to 1222 is questionable with so many other books on the stacks.

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