Summer Reading Update

It’s almost the middle of the year, and I thought I’d post a little about my reading goals since I haven’t finished a book review post in awhile.

Long-running reading challenges

When I started checking my Countries of the World list , which I last updated over a year ago, I found I’d only added one new country in that time, Ukraine. Time to start spending some time looking for international reads. I’d love some recommendations for especially non-European books.

I also cleaned up my States in the US list, and happily I’ve finished 20 out of 50 states. It’s also amazing to me just how many books set in California and New York I read.

Summer reading

In the last month or so I find myself reading at least two books at a time, which I don’t think I’ve done often before. I’m slowly working my way through volume 1 of Robert Caro’s LBJ biography, The Path to Power, and I’m learning lots about how incredibly harsh the Texas Hill Country is, especially in the era before the interstate highway system. Emily Giffin and Dorothea Benton Frank are also keeping me entertained, and crime-wise I feel the need to dig into some older stuff because I haven’t read anything non-contemporary in awhile. In more recently-published books, I’m really enjoying Sarah Hilary’s Someone Else’s Skin.

Hope you are all having a good summer, and I welcome reading recommendations!

6 thoughts on “Summer Reading Update

  1. Sounds as though you’re having a pleasant reading summer, and that’s great! Thanks for sharing, Rebecca.

  2. I keep thinking I will take the time to assess which countries I have covered in my reading and catch up on where I am on the 50 states challenge. But I never seem to find the time to do that. I found the same thing about California and New York. A lot of US crime fiction books are set in those states. California is a big state, so you can get quite a bit of variety, but really it is mostly books set in and around LA and San Francisco.

    • It was a rainy Sunday morning to I cleaned up my list– otherwise it had been sitting there for over a year 🙂 On the NY/CA issue, I knew I read a lot set there but was kind of surprised by just how many, you know. I used to read Nevada Barr where each book took place in a different national park: I bet I could could knock out lots of states if I got back to her stuff. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Tracy.

  3. Sarah HIlary is on my TBR list, waiting for the first book from the library. Am glad that I just read my first (but the 7th) Vera Stanhope book by Ann Cleeves, one way to spend 2 1/2 days of the summer.
    I agree Nevada Barr books are fun, each one set in a different national park. Boar Island, set on Mount Desert Island in Maine, doesn’t give a lot of information about the area, but it’s a zany, fun read, which had me laughing at some of the cliches.
    The Long Faraway Gone, set in Oklahoma, is an interesting mystery.
    And The Secret of Magic, set in 1946 Mississippi, gives a realistic picture of the entrenched racism there. By Deborah Johnson, it is a good book.
    And The Quality of Silence, is different, set in Alaska. A mother and daughter traveling to find the spouse/father. The child has deafness, so her perspective gave me new insights on how one lives and communicates despite this disability.

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