Hour of the Wolf by Håkan Nesser

hour of the wolfHour of the Wolf by Håkan Nesser, translated by Laurie Thompson

Originally published as Carambole, 1999

Disclosure: I received a review copy from the publisher.

It’s been a few years since I’ve read Nesser, and I was happy to skip to book 7 in the series, Hour of the Wolf. I know I missed a few resonances in the characters in the police’s backstory because I haven’t read Münster’s Case, for example, but I didn’t feel too lost.

Hour of the Wolf begins in the mind of a killer, and after a decent amount of time the focus changes to the police. The beginning follows a man who kills a teenage boy while driving drunk and leaves after hiding all evidence of his crime. He is later blackmailed, and he kills the supposed blackmailer at their arranged pickup time.  Unfortunately the murdered man is someone close to Van Veeteren, and the sections of the book dealing with Van Veeteren’s grief are quite sad.

Van Veeteren is a bit of a stereotype: pessimistic, atheist, loves chess and esoteric classical music and antiquarian books. Thankfully the focus isn’t only on him so his persona doesn’t become too onerous. He does have a profound effect on the inspectors he trained, especially Reinhardt and Moreno, and even when Van Veeteren is not in the book, his presence is obvious.

It’s not a fast-paced book in any part. It’s quite procedural heavy, but the detectives’ conversations again are sometimes reflective and sometimes funny. Tone-wise, it’s a heavy read because it’s disheartening to be in the mind of the killer. That said, I still enjoyed the book a great deal. Now to catch up on a couple installments I’ve missed!




4 thoughts on “Hour of the Wolf by Håkan Nesser

  1. It’s very good, but very sad. So, it was hard to read as the pages were full of grief.
    I have skipped a few as I have been branching out to new authors, and there just isn’t enough time to catch up with every series.

    • Very understandable, Kathy. I’ve been doling out his books because they tend to be gut-wrenching in different ways. Hope you find some less sad reading soon.

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