Mini-Rant: Thrillers That Aren’t Thrillers/ Mysteries That Are Not Mysterious

Insomnia for me means time to try out a lot of books, and I’m a little irritated by books described in the jacket copy as being thrillers or mysteries when they clearly aren’t. Just because a character has a secret past involving a crime doesn’t make a book a thriller or mysterious. Just because a more literary author is branching out into something bit more mysterious doesn’t make the resulting book a mystery. There has to be a little forward momentum, there has to be investigation or some sort of search for truth, and it would be nice if there could be some cliffhangers.


A sleep-deprived mystery fan.

8 thoughts on “Mini-Rant: Thrillers That Aren’t Thrillers/ Mysteries That Are Not Mysterious

  1. Thanks, Margot! I didn’t want to name names: it’s a problem that crops up for me from time to time, and then I go back to my favorite series/authors.

  2. Quite a lot of books have recently been released with thrillerish titles or covers or blurbs, haven’t they, and don’t quite live up to expectations. In some instances, I quite liked what they had to offer instead – but, as you say, that’s not always the case, and we should call a spade a spade…

    • I picked out some new books at the library before the holiday weekend: I think trying out lots of new-to-me authors doesn’t work for me. I’m back to some old favorites now.

  3. We wish you had named some names. We would be interested to know which books you are referring to. After all, you are entitled to an opinion even if the writer or publisher is someone you know.

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