The Forgotten Girls by Sara Blaedel

forgotten girlsThe Forgotten Girls by Sara Blaedel, translated by Signe Rod Golly

Grand Central Publishing, February 2015

Originally published as De glemte piger, 2011

Book 7 in Louise Rick/Camilla Lind series

Disclosure: I received a review copy from the publisher.

The Louise Rick and Camilla Lind series pairs a police detective with her friend a freelance journalist, and this particular investigation centers around the death of a woman who supposedly died years before while in the care of a home for mentally challenged children. Both Rick, who recently joined a new division of the police to solve old cases, and Lind, her friend the freelance journalist, interview people surrounding the crime, which broadens to an investigation of a number of unsolved disappearances, assaults, and more.

This is an action-packed book, and the writing was fairly decent. My only hesitation in recommending it is that it’s difficult to jump into the series at this late point. I felt a bit removed from the main character of Louise Rick because she has quite a rough backstory that obviously has affected her deeply. I’m not sure that any part of her past was normal, and that makes her seem a bit unbelievable to me. Believability at the end was also a concern for me.

It’s a book with a horrifying story based in reality (the mistreatment of mentally challenged individuals in institutional settings), and in that ways it reminds me of several other Danish books I’ve read in the last year. This is a good read, but it’s not the best entry to the series.


6 thoughts on “The Forgotten Girls by Sara Blaedel

  1. I think I’m worn out reading about abuse of women and girls in any context. I
    need a break. Abuse at all, actually.
    Maybe I need a quick Nero Wolfe fix, a tidy murder and investigation,
    coupled with eccentricities and wit.
    Sometimes one needs a break in reading about the awful things
    that are done to vulnerable people.

    • Understandable, Kathy. My posting schedule sometimes gets erratic when I’m taking a break from crime novels or watching good movies/shows.

      Hope you enjoy the Wolfe! I tried one of the early ones last winter, put it aside and forgot about it, but I’d like to read more.

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