The Fourth Secret by Andrea Camilleri

fourth secretThe Fourth Secret by Andrea Camilleri

Translated by Gianluca Rizzo and Dominic Siracusa

Open Door Media, November 2014

Originally published as La paura di Montalbano, 2002

Disclosure: I received a review copy from the publisher.

I’m a sucker for novellas or short stories featuring characters I really like, and this is an important installment in the Inspector Montalbano series for spoiler-filled reasons that I won’t mention. Montalbano unofficially investigates a series of industrial accidents that may not have been accidents after he receives a belated tip-off. He is driven by guilt because he was unable to prevent the death of one construction worker, and he’s also driven to investigate the accidents because he would like to outdo the carabinieri, the military police, who are also pursuing the accidents.

Wikipedia led me to find out that this story was one featured in a collection titled La paura di Montalbano, and I’m not sure why this translated edition is just one story instead of six. Reading just a one-off makes it a bit difficult to say much more about the story or the context, but I enjoyed the story.



7 thoughts on “The Fourth Secret by Andrea Camilleri

  1. Rebecca – I’ll confess I just glanced at your review, as this is on my TBR. But I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Another series where I have only read the first novel and have several more in my TBR piles to continue with. How many have you read in the series and did you skip around?

    • I’ve skipped around in the TV series, Tracy, and I didn’t mind having a few developments spoiled. I’ve only read the first book in the series so far.

  3. Hello Rebecca. If you’ve seen my challenge, you know my favourite is mystery -without- crime but it’s a pleasure to sit down to one of your posts for the first time in a while. I appreciate that you’ve been my subscriber and I yours, a long time. My birthday’s November 18th! I am in need of light-heartedness and a very good time.

    I don’t think folks caught the news: one of our young cats died for no reason (major natural cause). I’m traumatized by it and was astounded not to be inundated with condolences (at my blog, where I’ll see and cherish them). Hearing people understand “cat” = “son” & “daughter” to me, is very healing. Despite only being 4 years old, I want people to know this wonderful boy. Along with entertainment, a community is for lifting people up, so I reach out to mine. I’m much better but had to try again because a cricket response hasn’t sat well with me. It might help to explain I WANT to hear from people. My post is here. Gratefully, Carolyn.

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