February Reads and My Crime Fiction Pick of the Month

February was a busy reading month for me, and I’m finding myself reading a lot more books than I have time to review as well as gravitating to non-crime novels. Life is getting busier, and I’m trying to give myself a bit of a break and not review absolutely everything I read. I’ll still post a few reviews a month, but they may be a bit more sporadic.

This month my pick is Laura Lippman’s After I’m Gone, which is the story of the wife and daughters left behind by a mobster who fled the country (presumably) before sentencing. And my favorite read of the month that I didn’t get a chance to review is Arnaldur Indriðason’s Silence of the Grave. It’s a very affecting novel, and it’s one of my favorite reads of the entire year.

after im goneI hope you have a good reading month in March.

14 thoughts on “February Reads and My Crime Fiction Pick of the Month

    • I’ve only read one of her books per year lately, and they’ve been standouts for me the last few years, Margot. Hooray for finding blog-worthy books!

    • Her books have changed a lot since she started the Tess Monaghan series, and that’s kept me interested, Bernadette. Hope you find one you enjoy.

  1. I have not read anything by Arnaldur Indriðason yet. I do have Jar City, and I should read that soon(ish). Glad your reading is going well.

    • Jar City felt very different to me than Silence of the Grave, and I think there are a few other books before Jar City that haven’t been translated yet. Hope you enjoy them, and I’m glad I have a few more books in the series to get to.

    • Thanks, Sarah. There are so many crime novels I’d like to read that are published first in the UK so it’s interesting to actually get to something that hasn’t been published in the UK yet. Hope you enjoy it.

    • I hope you like her stuff, and I have to warn you that the first few novels in her Tess Monaghan series are quite different than the last 5-10 books she’s written. You have plenty to choose from, though!

  2. I liked The Silence of the Grave, quite a book, so incisive and full of sympathy for women and children. Now, Outrage should be read; it’s by Indridason featuring Elinborg, a woman inspector and it’s about a crime against women. Again, well done.
    I may try this book by Laura Lippman. Have found her books uneven, but really liked What the Dead Know.

    • I have a slew of Lippmans I haven’t read yet, including What the Dead Know: I’m looking forward to it based on your recommendation. And I’ll definitely be getting to Outrage soon. (That sentence could be taken out of context too easily– I’m too tired to figure out how to italicize in html tonight…) I think it’s time to read instead of writing and editing!

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