2013 Translation Challenge Wrap-Up

2013transchallenge-3Ellie at Curiosity Killed the Bookworm hosted the 2013 Translation Challenge, and I joined in order to refocus my reading from US crime fiction to more international novels. Seeing as, overall for the year, I read barely any American crime novels, I was able to meet the goal of 12 translations pretty easily. Nevertheless, I’m glad I joined the challenge to meet new bloggers, find new reading suggestions, and to refocus my reading for the year.

Here is the list of books I read:

  1. The Return by Håkan Nesser (Sweden)
  2. The Devil’s Star by Jo Nesbø (Norway)
  3. Blind Goddess by Anne Holt (Norway)
  4. Room No. 10 by Åke Edwardson (Sweden)
  5. The Summer of Dead Toys by Antonio Hill (Spain)
  6. The Redeemer by Jo Nesbø (Norway)
  7. Blessed Are Those Who Thirst by Anne Holt (Norway)
  8. The Stranger by Camilla Läckberg (Sweden)
  9. Summer Death by Mons Kallentoft (Sweden)
  10. More Bitter Than Death by Camilla Grebe and Åsa Träff (Sweden)
  11. The Ghost Riders of Ordebec by Fred Vargas (France)
  12. Death of the Demon by Anne Holt (Norway)

As you can see, I was on a definite Scandinavian reading kick the first half of the year as I completed this challenge. Anne Holt is my favorite author of the bunch, and there were only a handful of books that were nowhere near my favorites (Edwardson, Läckberg, and Grebe and Träff). I consider that a good reading experience.

8 thoughts on “2013 Translation Challenge Wrap-Up

  1. Rebecca – I like Anne Holt’s work, too. And even though you did your share of Scandi reading, you’ve read quite a variety of novels from other places too. I’m impressed! Well done

    • Thanks, Margot: my next step is the wrap-up post for the Global Reading Challenge. It was a busy year, and next year I think I need to catch up on the series I discovered in 2013. Thanks for all your Australia recommendations!

    • That’s a pretty respectable number, Tracy. I get lots of suggestions for new-to-me authors from your blog, for which I’m thankful. Enjoy this holiday week!

  2. I love Fred Vargas and like the Anne Holt series about Hanne Wilhelmson. Good list. Once one starts reading translated crime fiction, it becomes essential to one’s being, like food and water.

  3. Those are some great books! When I went through my list of books read this year, I found that 31 were translated into English–mostly Nordic, but also Dutch, Belgian, and French. Anne Holt is one of my favorites 🙂

    Happy new year!

    • Happy new year to you too, Stacia! I haven’t done my year-end recap yet, but I know my translation total is pretty large. Next year, instead of finding so many books from new countries to me, I think I’ll focus on reading more in the series I’ve discovered so far. Have you read the other series by Anne Holt? I have the first book, What Is Mine, that I’d like to get to soon.

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