Settled Blood by Mari Hannah

settled bloodSettled Blood by Mari Hannah
DCI Kate Daniels book 2
Witness Impulse, November 2013
Disclosure: I received a review copy from the publisher

While I was a little leery about jumping into this series with book two, I don’t think I missed too much information about DCI Kate Daniels’s personal and professional lives in order to enjoy this novel. Hannah is good at not dumping too much exposition into the first sections of the book: she doesn’t slow things down. Daniels is a closeted lesbian detective in Northumbria, and this particular case involves the murder of a young woman found at Hadrian’s Wall and the disappearance of another young college student within days of the murder. The plotting was very good, and the characters were interesting: everyone on the police team has plenty of backstory, from Daniels’s mentor Bright to her team members. Daniels herself is recovering from the trauma of her last case, the focus of the book The Murder Wall, and her break-up with police profiler Jo Soulsby. My only reservation about the story is that it centered on a murdered young woman and an abducted woman in harm’s way, and I’ve read and seen that story too many times. I enjoyed this book, but, to be honest, I prefer Anne Holt’s Hanne Wilhelmsen series a bit more.

Witness Impulse is a new imprint of Harper Collins that is digital only, and they publish both new and backlist titles. The first two DCI Daniels books are available now, and the third will be published in the U.S. in December 2013.

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3 thoughts on “Settled Blood by Mari Hannah

  1. I like the premise of a closeted lesbian detective but the crimes do sound like the same old thing. Since I like police procedural series, I will give this author a try if I get the opportunity. Your review was very helpful.

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