Happy Birthday, Blog!

Alas, I didn’t photoshop out the extra four candles for this blog’s second birthday.

Two years ago I started this blog with a short, short review of I Am Half-Sick of Shadows by Alan Bradley, and after a few months I settled into a crime fiction blogging groove, with the occasional slowdown when life became busy, as well as dabbling in a bit of non-crime fiction reading when the mood strikes. I am grateful to all of you for reading, and thank you pointing me to more interesting books in your comments and own blog posts. Finding your blogs and making your acquaintance online has been the greatest pleasure of blogging.

As I don’t have time to look back and analyze trends in the 108 books I’ve reviewed here so far (I’ll leave that for a year-end post), I want to take a little time to talk about my plans for the next year:

1. I am joining the USA Fiction Challenge in 2014, and I’ll treat it as a perpetual challenge (one book set in each state and Washington DC).

2. I’m also going to turn the Global Reading Challenge into a perpetual challenge for me and keep track of books set in each country. Since there are close to 200 recognized nations, this will take me awhile.

3. Borrowing from an idea from Nancy’s blog The Crime Segments, I’m going to include a sidebar of books I’m giving away. US readers only, please. Email me at rebecca.kreisher (at) gmail (dot) com.

Again, thanks for reading and writing such interesting comments and blog posts to keep me excited about reading.

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Blog!

  1. Rebecca – Happy Blog Birthday!!! I wish you many more. Your blog adds much to the online community, and I like your new ideas.

  2. Rebecca, congratulations on two years. I like your idea of the Global Challenge being a perpetual challenge to read books from all countries. A while back I started a similar challenge to read 80 books for 80 countries, and was aiming at 5 years. I haven’t kept track on the blog of my progress yet though. Maybe I will find some time for that next year.

    • It’s the keeping track that takes up so much time, Tracy. I know I’ll be inspired to do it one of these days, but in the meantime leaf-raking is the next big project as soon as the rest of the leaves fall.

  3. Happy Blog-0-versary! It’s become one of my daily routines to check in here, along with my other blog drop-ins. It’s such an enjoyable thing to do this at the end of the day, and fall into discussions of books, the healthiest and most fun anti-stress remedy around.
    And there are so many good book ideas.
    Also, this is my third year of doing the Global Reading Challenge. I have one more historical book to finish, and I’ll have completed my goal: three books from each continent, wit history substituting for Antartica, and I’ve read books set in 21 countries. I love doing this, and hope to keep it up because it forces me to go beyond certain authors, and venture outwards.
    I’ve found so many good books and authors while on this adventure.

    • Thanks so much, Kathy, and thanks for your book suggestions too! I have three books left for the Global Reading Challenge, and I’ve already picked them out but need to squeeze in some reading time. I have the first books by Leonardo Padura (Cuba), Angela Savage (Thailand), as well as The Mistake by Wendy James (Australia). I might also be able to finish the first Luis Garcia-Roza (Brazil) too 🙂 I don’t read much historical crime fiction, but that may be an area I can attack in 2014. Reading blogs has added such a large number of interesting books to my list.

  4. I did not read historical crime fiction either, until I started reading blogs and joined the Global Reading Challenge. A wonderful series loved by all readers, including friends of mine is the Adelia Aguilar series, written by Diana Norman writing as Ariana Franklin. A woman coroner from Salerno is summoned to England by the king to find out the murderers of children, to take suspicion off Jewish residents. That’s book one; They all take place in 12th-century England.
    And I’ve read some good Australian historical mysteries. Am reading one now: Black Wattle Creek. I’m trying to improve in this category.
    Anyway, I may do this challenge again, just to push myself to read more global books.

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