8 thoughts on “Status Update

    • It’s Free Falling, As If in a Dream (out in February in the US), and it was very good. It’s about the Olof Palme murder and how thoroughly the investigation was bungled. I think I need to read something shorter next!

  1. I’m hugely impressed that both your reading and your drafting is done so far in advance. i’m always scrabbling around at the last minute! Deadlines, deadlines… 😉

  2. This intriguing post is pushing me to read one of Persson’s other books; the titles sit on my TBR list. Who has the time to read everything?

    • I definitely don’t have the time, but I’m glad I was able to make it through the long Persson book over a couple of weeks. It went a lot more quickly than the first of Game of Thrones novel went for me last year!

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