July Pick of the Month

I feel a bit silly having a pick-of-the-month when I reviewed only three books on the blog in July, but my favorite of the month is one of my favorite reads of the entire year.

norwegian by night

  1. Norwegian by Night by Derek B. Miller- It’s striking that the most alive, vivid character I’ve read all year is a very old American suffering from dementia. This is the book I’ll be giving as a gift to lots of family and friends.
  2. The Man Who Went Up in Smoke by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö- This is a brisk entry in Martin Beck series that moves the action to Hungary.
  3. A Very Profitable War by Didier Daeninckx- A PI novel set in Paris after World War I with a surprising ending.

I hope to read more in the coming month, and I hope that the great book purge of 2013 that I completed last month will help: now that I’ve cleaned out the books I’m not interested in, the good ones are more obvious. No more double-stacked shelves!

18 thoughts on “July Pick of the Month

  1. I agree with your choice. I read Norwegian by Night, and as I’ve commented, it was an original and outstanding book. I read the Sjowall and Wahloo book years ago but it wasn’t a favorite of mine in a series I like. The third is interesting. I’m trying to find Murder in Memorium by that author.

    • I’m glad you’re also a fan of Norwegian by Night, Kathy. I’m trying not to go through the Sjowall and Wahloo books too quickly since there are only 10 of them! Which one is your favorite?

  2. These books all sound great. I nearly bought Norwegian by Night recently; will get a copy in the next few months. I just finished Roseanna by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö and am eager to continue the series. I had never heard of the third one until I read your review, and it sounds really good. You had a great month.

    How many books did you get rid of? How did you do it? I get rid of a few at a time, but it is very hard for me.

    • We listed our house for sale a few weeks ago so I had an extra push to clean up my book shelves. I had a couple big batches that I donated to the library book sale room, and a good chunk of those were ones I bought at a library sale but haven’t gotten to in a few years. For some reason I thought I’d read a lot of big, sweeping books about India, and I’m not interested in those now. I hope to read more of my own books before buying more (that’s what I always say).

      • Moving house would be a motivator, for sure. And there is one book sale that I go to where I tend to be less discriminating when I pick up books. Some end up good finds, others I should have skipped.

  3. This is the second mention of Didier Daeninckx within the last 10 minutes. I think someone is trying to tell me that I really need to get reading this author. I have heard his ‘Cannibale’ is a fine indictment of colonialism. He also writes children’s books and we have one small one of his ‘Le chat de Tigali’.

    • Sounds interesting, Marina Sofia. He’s quite prolific but not much has been translated into English. I look forward to hearing about his children’s book.

    • I know the feeling, Karen, but I’ve only read two in the last year so I can make them last longer 🙂 Life slows down my reading plans sometimes.

      • That, and publishers. I am also reading the Inspector Van Veeteren series, 10 books like Martin Beck, but there are a few not released in English yet. Boooo!

      • It’s frustrating, definitely, and I wish more international crime fiction were translated into English. I read somewhere that lots of it is translated into German years before it’s translated into English. If only I could read German.

  4. I’ve liked all of the Martin Beck series so far. It would be hard to choose a favorite. I think I have three to go.

    • Hope you like it, Sarah. I hope to read more soon, but August is shaping up to be a busy month as well. The one book I’ll definitely read is The Secret History for my book club: I hope it holds up on this reread 20 years after it was published.

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