Midyear Update (with charts)

It’s summertime, my reading is slowing down because of the nice weather and general business, but I do have time to create a few Excel charts to summarize my reviews for the year so far. When I have more time, I’ll write a more qualitative post about books I’ve really enjoyed, my favorite new-to-me authors, etc. On to the charts:

1. I’ve reviewed an equal number of books by males and females. I wasn’t aware that the numbers were even, but I’m happy they are.

2. I’ve read lots of books published since 1990 but none from the 1980s or before 1961.  I’ve picked up some older books to review in the second half of the year: Simenon, Christie, Tey among others.

3. Over half of the books I’ve read are translations.

4. I’ve read books from 7 non-English-speaking countries. I’ll keep trying to add to this list.

14 thoughts on “Midyear Update (with charts)

  1. Rebecca – I’m impressed with the variety of your reading. Oh, and I love those charts too. Isn’t it interesting how one doesn’t always notice a pattern about one’s reading until one takes the time to look back. I should do the same with mine.

    • It’s a fun thing to do while fighting off a stuffed head (allergies), Margot. I always like looking at wrap-up posts, and I look forward to yours!

  2. A woman after my own heart!!!! I love Excel spreadsheets and pie charts….hadn’t thought of using them in this manner.

    • I’ve noticed the charts on some year-end posts, and they are always interesting, Deb. I’ve gotten away from keeping my reading status on Goodreads (I use Librarything now if I remember) and using Excel instead, so it’s easy to do!

  3. Is there a club for chart lovers (or perhaps an AA-style group)? I also love doing them and looking at other people’s – have been flat out for the past few weeks so no time to do my own mid-year analysis yet but loved looking at your charts – like the way you’ve shown the publication years, might have to steal that idea.

    • Your year-end charts were an inspiration- thanks. I’m always swamped at the end of the year and never do them then. I’d love to join the chart-lover club!

  4. Loved reading the charts Rebecca. You’re reading is very diverse. Hmmm makes me want to do a midyear update just see where my reading is fo far. I doubt I’ll do it. No time. Great post.

    • Thanks, Keishon. It’s fun to play around with my reading lists and charts, but I really need to get back to reading sometime soon. Fourth of July and crazy heat have slowed me down.

    • Thanks, Lindsay. I can’t take credit for the colors: they were the default colors from Excel. It’s definitely fun to play around with charts!

  5. I might need to try and sex up my reading lists, I never thought of analyzing or recording by dates or geography – other than noting the amount of US stuff I read and being painfully aware of the low % of female authors I read in relation to men. Food for thought,

    • I stole the idea from a few other bloggers who do this in their year-end posts, and it’s always interesting to see what information pops. The most interesting question for me is how many books I remember as being outstanding when I do these update posts: it’s a pretty small number.

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