April Reading and Crime Fiction Pick of the Month

It’s finally spring here in the upper Midwest after a somewhat snowy (!) April. The driving force in my reading last month was geographical: I chose books to cover a variety of countries to meet the 2013 Global Reading Challenge, where my goal is to read three books from each continent. For Antarctica I’m substituting novels set in more than one country. I’ve finished over half of the books for that challenge, so I hope to move on to some personal reading challenges as well in the next few months: I’d like to read some classic crime novels and dig deeper into some series that I started since I started blogging. And maybe, just maybe I’ll read something American in the next few months too!

My pick of the month is Misterioso by Arne Dahl: a good plot, a team of investigators in the A-Unit pursuing a killer targeting wealthy capitalists, and plenty of humor.misteriosoHere’s a brief recap of all the books I reviewed this month:

1. Pale Horses by Jassy Mackenzie- fourth in the Jade de Jong PI series set in South Africa. I felt like I had a lot of catching up to do with Jade’s personal life in this installment, and I’m willing to try the first book in the series, Random Violence to see if I like this book more once I have that background.

2. Misterioso by Arne Dahl- first book in the Intercrime series featuring the A-Unit. I liked the focus on the whole investigative team instead of on just one detective. This book had a great plot and great characters.

3. Food of Ghosts by Marianne Wheelaghan- first in a series featuring Scottish police officer Louisa Townsend who is stationed in the island nation of Kiribati. I liked the background about life on the island a bit more than the actual mystery.

4. Deadly Harvest by Michael Stanley- fourth in the Detective Kubu series set in Botswana. This is written by a duo from South Africa, one of whom lives in Minnesota now. The investigation centers on muti killings, which is a grim subject.

Please visit Mysteries in Paradise for a collection of other crime fiction books of the month.

8 thoughts on “April Reading and Crime Fiction Pick of the Month

  1. Rebecca – What I like about your choices is their variety. You’ve read such an interesting set of books and I’m glad you liked Misterioso. I do hope that if you read Random Violence you’ll enjoy it. I think it’s really going to depend as much as anything on what you think of Jade de Jong after you’ve read it. Oh, and I’m glad that the weather where you live has finally eased up.

  2. Thanks, Margot: the Global Challenge is definitely good for variety. And, in happy news, I got to wear my Chacos for the first time this year 🙂

  3. I have to say I wasn’t much taken with the one Jade de Jong book I read either Rebecca – it wasn’t the first one though (called THE FALLEN), I did like MISTERIOSO though.

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