March Crime Fiction Pick of the Month

I liked the majority of the books I read in March, but I also read a few duds. It’s bound to happen when I try lots of new-to-me authors and try to meet my goals for the 2013 Global Reading Challenge. Here’s a quick summary of what I reviewed this month:

  1. Room No. 10 by Åke Edwardson– a very slow murder investigation
  2. The Neruda Case by Roberto Ampuero– PI Brule’s first case, which takes place in Chile, Cuba, Mexico, and East Germany
  3. Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes– not my favorite read
  4. The Name of a Bullfighter by Luis Sepúlveda–very quick noir story about recovering German coins
  5. Blind Goddess by Anne Holt– first in the Hanne Wilhelmsen series, good characterizations

My pick of the month is Blind Goddess by Anne Holt, and it’s because I’m interested in the characters.

Visit Mysteries in Paradise for a collection of Crime Fiction Picks of the Month.

6 thoughts on “March Crime Fiction Pick of the Month

  1. A varied, international list. I haven’t gotten too far on the Global Challenge yet. I figure I will pick the pace after June. Anne Holt is definitely an author I will try.

  2. I did the global reading challenge for 2 years running and did find it a bit hit or miss – but in the end I’ve got loads of new authors to follow which is one of the reasons I’m taking a break from that challenge – I need to catch up on some backlists!. I liked that Anne Holt book too

    • Finding great authors every once in awhile is what keeps me interested in fulfilling the Global Reading Challenge. I’ll probably back off and just join at the basic level next year so I have time to catch up on backlists too.

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