Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes

dark tideDark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes
Harper, March 12, 2013
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss

Dark Tide is the story of Genevieve, a young woman who leaves her high-pressured sales job and a second part-time job in London to live on a barge named The Revenge of the Tide. The suspense comes in when the body of a friend turns up outside her boat on the night of the boat-warming party. The story follows her life on the boat as well as flashbacks to her life in London and what led her to leave. It takes to the end of the book to get all the details about Genevieve’s hasty departure from London, but I felt her story was kind of predictable. I won’t divulge her part-time job in this review, but once I found out what it was, I was not surprised that her work life interfered with her ability to enjoy a peaceful life on a barge in Kent.

So much of my enjoyment of a book centers on whether or not I’m interested in the main character, and Genevieve, unfortunately was not one of my favorite characters. She’s pretty naive, and much of this book was devoted to her attraction to unsuitable men. If the plot had been less predictable, I may have forgiven her naivete, but, unfortunately, this book wasn’t too suspenseful for me.

I chose to review Dark Tide, originally published as Revenge of the Tide in the UK, because I had heard good things about Elizabeth Haynes’s first book, Into the Darkest Corner. I wasn’t in love with this book, but I’m willing to read her first book after this one.

8 thoughts on “Dark Tide by Elizabeth Haynes

  1. Rebecca – Thanks, as ever, for the honest and thoughtful. Like you, I’m most interested in a novel when I am interested in the characters. If at least something about the characters doesn’t appeal to me, then I get pulled right out of the novel. I may wait on this…

    • I’ve heard so many good things about Elizabeth Haynes that I kept going, hoping that the book would get better.I guess I should trust my gut more. I think I’ll try Into the Darkest Corner instead.

  2. Please do try Into the Darkest Corner, it’s one of my favourite books. It is compulsive reading and very cleverly done. I did like this one too (called Revenge of the Tide here in the UK) but I definitely thought ITDC more compelling and just brilliant so I hope you enjoy it.

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