Cover of Snow by Jenny Milchman

cover of snow

Cover of Snow by Jenny Milchman
Ballantine, January 15, 2013
Source: Publisher via NetGalley

Cover of Snow is the story of Nora Hamilton, a young woman who discovers her husband, a police officer, has killed himself at the beginning of the book. After a quite slow first half of the book, the action picks up in the second half of the book as Nora discovers more and more about her husband’s suicide.

The setting is a small town in upstate New York in the Adirondacks, and the setting and mood are the best parts of the book. Nora is an outsider, having only lived in Wedeskyull for the eight years she was married to her husband, whose family has lived in the town for generations. The actual mystery of why her husband killed himself is not the best part of the story for me, and I think that’s because the villains were not very well developed in the story.  The book has an interesting premise and setting, but I left the book wanting more: more action and more developed characters.

The setting and mood of the story is even colder than the northern midwestern winter here at home, and I think I’ll try books in warmer climates this time of year for a change of pace.

2 thoughts on “Cover of Snow by Jenny Milchman

  1. Rebecca – I know exactly what you mean about a setting being one of the most important parts of a novel. I’ve read stories like that too. One f eels almost as if one’s in that place. But I’m with you; I like to feel as though the characters I read about are real, or at least could be…

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