2013 Reading Challenges

2013 global reading challenge


This year I’m going to try two reading challenges:  one that I expect to be easy, and one I expect to be a stretch.

First, I’m joining the 2013 Translation Challenge where the goal is to read 12 translated books during the year.  This one I plan to meet quite easily.  I hope not to just read Swedish crime fiction to meet this challenge, but that may very well happen.

Second, and more challengingly, I’m joining the 2013 Global Reading Challenge at the expert level.  I plan on reading three books from each continent (and for Antarctica I plan on reading some historical fiction).  My weak spots in my reading last year were fiction set in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America.

5 thoughts on “2013 Reading Challenges

  1. Rebecca – I’m so glad you’re going to join these challenges! I think you’ll find some interesting books out there and I’m looking forward to your reviews.

    • Thanks, Margot. I’m compiling my lists right now. I’ll keep the Cambodia book you just featured on Monday on the list, but I’m not sure I can handle a book about the Khmer Rouge right now. I have the rest of the year, though!

  2. I’m looking forward to reading your reviews of your challenge books Rebecca. I’m doing the Translation Challenge too. I’ve read one book far but still need to review it. I hope to read some more Swedish crime this year which can be part of this challenge. Your other challenge sounds interesting too, some areas I don’t think I have read fiction from.

    • Thanks, Lindsay. I look forward to your reviews too! I’ve found lots of Swedish crime fiction I like in the last year, but I’m hoping to branch out a little too.

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