Half-Year Status Report

After starting out the year reading and reviewing like gangbusters, I’ve adopted a more leisurely pace since the spring.  Part of that is because I read a lot more during the winter months than during the warmer parts of the year, but the main reason is that I’m expecting a baby girl in late November.  Between feeling sluggish the first three months of the pregnancy and being busy preparing for the baby this trimester before I get really uncomfortable, I haven’t been reading as much.  Thus, I’ve decided not to take on lots of review copies and instead blog about books in my own collection or from the library because there’s less deadline pressure.  I’ve also decided not to press myself to finish any of the reading challenges I’ve joined either, but I enjoy keeping up with the Crime Fiction Pick of the Month selections.

So what have I been reading lately and what’s on my agenda?  I’m making my way through the Game of Thrones books (a long project for me), I’ve caught up on the James/Kincaid series by Deborah Crombie, and I’ve sampled some international crime fiction this spring as well (the first Adamsberg novel).  I’m currently reading Jo Nesbo’s The Redbreast as well, and I hope to read more Swedish stuff soon too.

6 thoughts on “Half-Year Status Report

  1. Rebecca – Congratulations on your impending arrival!! How exciting! I really do hope you enjoy The Redbreast. I think it’s one of Nesbø’s truly excellent books. I’ll be interested too to hear what you think of the Game of Thrones series. My husband is reading it, too.

  2. Congratulations! I have heard good things about the Game of Thrones first book cf TV series from two people in my family. I may even read it….. I liked Redbreast, too, though it is quite a complicated plot and very sad. Jo Nesbo’s books are hard to stop reading once you’ve started them.

    • Thanks, Maxine! GoT had a slow beginning, but it picked up after 200 pages. I hear from friends it gets a lot better. Redbreast, however, is a much quicker read.

  3. Great news, Rebecca! I’d been missing your more frequent posts. But this is as good a reason as there could be. Enjoy the time and read only what you feel like reading. I will enjoy whatever you post.

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